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Stronghold, Inc. Releases Statement on Operating Status of Sugarloaf Mountain

Stronghold, Inc., the owner and operator of the Sugarloaf Mountain property, made the following statement regarding its operating status as the current Sugarloaf Treasured Landscape Management Plan makes its way through the Frederick County Council process.

“As stated by our attorney to the Frederick County Council this evening, we are disappointed that on October 3, 2022, the County Council did not approve Council Member Phil Dacey's amendment that would have saved the Mountain from being unnecessarily restricted by the Sugarloaf Plan currently being considered by the Council.

“If the Sugarloaf Plan as presented for public hearing on October 11 passes, Stronghold will cease allowing general public access to Sugarloaf Mountain, a privately owned property, to allow for Stronghold to evaluate the effects of the plan on its operations. If modifications are made to the plan prior to final passage, Stronghold will reevaluate its decision.

“We reiterate our gratitude to Council Member Steve McKay and Council Member Phil Dacey for hearing most of our concerns, as shown by their proffered amendments on October 3. Despite the rest of the County Council not supporting Council Member Dacey's amendment, we hope they will keep an open mind moving forward.

“Stronghold remains committed to its mission of preservation of the natural resources of Sugarloaf Mountain. We have successfully fulfilled this mission, consistent with Gordon Strong's intent, for many decades, without help from Frederick County government.”


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