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The Sugarloaf Treasured Landscape Management Plan is a long-range planning document that exists within the context of a broader planning initiative known as Livable Frederick. With the adoption of the Livable Frederick Master Plan in September 2019, Frederick County created a new framework for making strategic decisions about the County’s future. 

The Sugarloaf Treasured Landscape Plan suffers the following:

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Planning and recommendations that are inconsistent with Livable Frederick

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Unnecessary regulatory overreach throughout the planning area (proposed rezoning of parts of over 125 properties to Rural Conservation; proposed restrictive overlay on all properties) – with no grandfathering of existing uses or allowance for minor improvements

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No accommodation for preserving future mixed-use development opportunities in the economically vital I-270 Interstate Corridor, as Livable Frederick envisions

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No inclusion of the new approaches for resource protection and zoning concepts offered by Stronghold, Inc. and envisioned by Livable Frederick

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Learn how the plan will impact:

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