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Stronghold Inc., a founding member of The Livable Frederick Coalition released the following statement today:

"Sugarloaf Mountain is owned and operated by Stronghold, a privately incorporated entity created by Gordon Strong. The family, including those of us helping to manage the land, continues to ensure that his vision and dreams are put in place, and we work religiously to fulfill his wishes for his land.

“While other entities in our area have begun utilizing the Sugarloaf name for their own benefit, we want our friends, neighbors, and those who continue to use the private mountain to know that we will always be faithful to Gordon’s wishes.

“The Sugarloaf Mountain is a refuge for many people, including ourselves, but we will not stand idly by while others claim ‘protection’ of this private property. The family is in the best position to know and understand the wishes for Gordon Strong’s private property, not others, including the county, proclaiming to be protectants of the mountain.

“We stand with the members of the Livable Frederick Coalition, not those who pretend to know what’s best for the private property by co-opting the Sugarloaf name.”

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